Website Flipping Course

Website Flipping Course


I sold 1 little website for a whopping $90,000!

And it’s not as hard as you think! In fact, The website I sold was:

  • 5 Pages
  • PR1
  • Alexa 890,000
  • 40+- low quality backlinks

But none of that mattered. I knew “the secret” and it was worth $90k!

How to flip a website

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May 25, 2015

From: Alex “Flip” Matthews

Re: How to make money flipping websites

Hi! My name is Alex Matthews, but my friends and colleagues call me “Flip”. Cliche yes, appropriate yes. :)

I’m a bonafide EX construction worker. Yeah. I built things with my hands and it sucked. I’m like the biggest, laziest dork, and I don’t like sweating.

how to flip a website

The only thing I did that made me happy as a construction worker, is help build HUD houses for low income families. Other than that, it was the suckiest job I ever had, and working at Mcdonalds when I was 17 was pretty sucky.

I always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and I always knew I had it in me to work online, but I had no clue which route to take. I tried tons, and I mean tons of work-from-home programs. Most were scams that left me broke and discouraged. Some weren’t full-blown scams, but just didn’t work as well as they said.


I learned alot by 2013. What works what doesn’t. I was getting the jist of how to truly make money online.

I started a PLR (Private Label Rights) site. Everybody loves PLR products right? So I built up the site, added some quick plr, sprinkled on some techniques I had learned, seo’ed it up. And it actually did ok, brought in about $145/month. It made me happy because it meant I was doing something right, and money was coming in. That’s the hard part in Internet Marketing.. making your first $1.

3 months down the road, I woke up to an email. A surprisingly intriguing email.


 The email was from a guy who wanted to buy my site. My first thought was Hell No. I mean this was my first site that started making money, it was steady monthly revenue and I knew with some more tweaks and promotion it could grow.  But then I started thinking. I wrote him back and asked him what was his offer. He replied offering me $2,500.

At the position I was in, $2,500 was what I made in 1 month of steady construction work. So I didn’t bother to haggle. I replied back and said YES! He sent me the money via Paypal, and that was that.


 I can make money selling websites. It felt great! I had easily created something that was worth $2,500 to someone. It was an amazing feeling.

I researched website flipping,  where to buy/sell websites, the process, etc

I checked out many many sites that were selling, studied everything about them from:

1) Their domain names

2) The site design

3) The content

4) Their seo factors

5) Monetization

6) Much more

And I found what they ALL have in common. And it turned out that my site that I sold had it in common as well.


 By 2014 I had done so much research, tracking, and testing. I had built around 45 sites on various niches. I found what works, and brings in money.

 44 of my sites were making a combined $1000 a month. That’s not exciting and not noteworthy, but 1 site really took off and made $4,500 a month by itself.

Now let me clarify this. This website was making Easy money. Not run-myself-ragged money. This is something everyone and anyone with an internet connection can do. NO special knowledge was needed, no special equipment (only a computer with internet).


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I decided to list my big site on Flippa. They recommended DealFlow as the site was appraised to bring in some big bucks. So I talked with my DealFlow broker for a few days, and it was time to list the site in their monthly Deal Flow newsletter.

Immediately, interested offers started coming in. I had to talk to a few of them. What we ended up with is 4 highly interested potential buyers. There was sort of a bid-war. Nothing brutal, but the bidders were made aware of the max bids of the other bidders, and 2 guys in particular wanted the site BAD. They kept bidding

The bidding got up to $90,000! I said, I think we have a deal!

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